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Message from the Proprietor

At Overseas Courier Service, we constantly try to meet and exceed your expectations by fostering a value-driven work environment.

Our employees are working with appropriate knowledge and skills to provide you with service and support of the highest quality, from doorstep to destination. Your trust in OCS is the foundation of our success and your support will remain the core factor of our tireless journey.



Overseas Courier Service (OCS) is a Tokyo based international courier service. As a pioneer courier service provider, OCS has been operating in the World market since 1957.


Bangladesh History

Eastern Trading Company is the sole agent of OCS since 1983 and responsible for the business in Bangladesh. OCS is in motion to move your priority shipments anywhere in the world with more than 160 branches in 79 countries.



To support our customers’ ever changing demand through our sophisticated service with consistent performance.



To ensure organization’s development, customer satisfaction & steadiness.

Story of our founder “Late A.K.M Golam Quader”

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Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination at the end of the day light going forward new normal that evolved from