OCS Overseas Courier Service Co.


Free Pick up Service from Doorstep

Our door to door pick-up services cost you zero charges. We will pick up your packages from anywhere within our reach.

Fast and Reliable Shipping & Handling Service

Our world-wide service includes delivery within 4-5 working days and provide next day delivery service in Tokyo, Japan (upon smooth customs clearing at the destination).

Real Time Tracking

You can monitor your packages from the beginning till the end of its delivery cycle.


24/7 Customer Support

Our customer service department is always ready to provide you with solutions to all your queries regarding operation & delivery.

Special Arrangement on Holiday for Delivery/Pick up

During Holidays our office remains open for special deliveries upon request


Packing Assistance

To ensure the utmost safety of your fragile items we can assist you with packaging.

Extended Cut Off Time

We offer extended cut off time for pick up at client’s convenience.

City of Prosperity

Municipal Election

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